Important Church Update

After six months of discernment, our congregation made the decision, by majority vote, to leave the United Methodist Denomination and be renamed First Methodist Church Harlingen. The congregation also voted to be connected to the newly formed Global Methodist Church.

We are thankful for the time spent in connection with the UMC and look forward to the future of worshiping passionately, loving extravagantly, and witnessing boldly in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

If you have questions regarding this new movement of Methodism, visit the website to learn more.  

"Words from Pastor Phillip" - Click here to view the August 7, 2022 sermon that addresses this topic. 

aDDITIONAL resources

  • Watch Pastor Phillip's discussion on why our church initially entered into discernment and the difference between remaining in the post-separation United Methodist Church and the Global Methodist Church:  Part 1 & Part 2 on YouTube
  • These videos made by Rob Renfroe explain why churches are leaving the United Methodist Church
  • On September 10thRev. Dr. Leah Hidde Gregory presented information at our church about the Global Methodist Church. Click here for the video.