care corps

The mission of the FUMC Care Corps is to minister to and extend expressions of love for our members, visitors, and the community at large -- building them up to make the church stronger collectively in their faith.  Our church directory is the basis of our outreach, combined with referrals from staff, team members/volunteers, and the community at large. The Care Corps works together to bring the love of God through our church to those who often are outside the walls of the church. 

Contact for more information or to volunteer!

Visit members and those unable to travel to worship

We want to make sure our fellow members know that they are special and are still an important part of our church. 

send get well birthday cards

Brighten someone's day and minister to them in this meaningful way!

coordinate meals

Help coordinate and/or deliver meals for those sick or who have experienced loss. May also collaborate with the Real Moms & Prayer Shawl Groups to set up meal trains for new parents or those in the hospital. 

Other responsive needs in the church

Be available to respond to other needs that may arise in our church.